Oct 11, 2012

World Turned Music Video

   If you listen to music frequently enough it happens. A song inadvertently becomes soundtrack to the real world and creates the most beautiful music video imaginable. Few actual music videos have the same feel or impact. Maybe it's the timing - the right song mashed with the right imagery for the right moment. Driving home last night I was listening to The Black Angels, one of my new favorites, was the perfect soundtrack for a nighttime drive though a very sleepy, slightly foggy Little Rock. The shine on the streets reflected street lights creating double image similar to squinting. There is a certain simple beauty created by squinting at the world. The fine details disappear leaving lights and darks, rich colors and elemental composition. It's a very painterly view - maybe Claude Monet was a squinter? Maybe music videos should be shot as though the viewer is squinting.
   The Black Angels came courtesy of my musically minded friend Charles who is like my personal music shopper. He only ever suggests the bands he knows I will love, knows ALL bands and has his own Pandora-like skills with his own mental music genome reference library. Black Angels have a sludgy psychedelic, Jefferson Airplane vibe - dark tones, lyrical depth and layers upon layers of guitar effects with a vocalist channeling a very mellow Grace Slick. Simple and a little fuzzy, the music matched the view and my personal music video was made. Single take perfection - no edits, just raw visual and soundtrack.

The visual:

The soundtrack:

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