Oct 11, 2012

Favorite Music Video

   I won't even get started on "what happened to MTV", but can testify that it has changed since the early days when MTV first aired The Buggles "Video Killed The Radio Star". Ohhhh, the irony - to think that video, in the end, killed MTV. "Have you seen that new song?" is acceptable grammar. Music and video are forever entwined. Many of our mental pictures of a song have been reworked in our brains the way seeing a movie after reading a book re-writes our image of what we thought characters looked like or what scenes look like. Our own imaginings replaced with the producers vision. It has ruined many songs for me and has made many mediocre songs tolerable.
   I have passed countless hours "watching" my stereo absorbing the music, reading liner notes, inspecting LP covers and treasuring cryptic notes hand etched into vinyl next to the label. My copy of Out of Step has scratched into the A side "Why did the punk cross the road?" - side B reads "Because Ian told him to." Rich stuff, and something that as lost with the compact disc. The one exception to music videos, the one that allows room to imagine the song as I see it, is the video for Bastards of Young. This video gets it right for me - underproduced and underwhelming but lets the music hit like a ton of bricks. Get back to enjoying watching the stereo, enjoy.

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