Sep 16, 2012

The Group Ride

Haven't met Peter Wilborn, but want to thank him for describing what I feel is a dying art, the art of the group ride. I'm trying to get back there, trying to relive the days of riding with my dad and his buddies out on the road. I grew up around road riders from a previous generation, let's call them old school. This was a time before any printing was even allowed on riding shorts - and I say shorts because bibs weren't around yet, riders wore wool shorts with a leather chamois and used thin suspenders to keep them up. Shoes were black, socks were white. There was a strong aesthetic, due in part to a lack of options, and this aesthetic was part of a code. This code was what I imagine Bushido to be - honor the machine, respect fellow riders and ride as though you are creating art. Fitness came through time on the bike, but the group riding skills were skills passed down to younger riders from more experienced riders.  If you have experience a proper group ride you understand the dynamic, the bond and the art. Peter Wilborn gets it. Thank you Peter.

Lost Art of the Group Ride

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