Sep 28, 2012

Blogospheric Pressure

Awwww hell, the word blogospheric already exists. Technically speaking, if you have an original, seemingly isolated thought have you invented something? I thought so too. But I Googled my shiny new word only to find that it had already been invented and am now questioning my policy on inventions. Wiktionary classifies it as "rare". It sure felt like I invented a word and it was deflating to find out that I merely produced a rarity. Or, is it possible that there are more than one inventor of any one thing? Say I come up with a word previously unknown to me. Am I the inventor? The term inventor gives credit to the first person to document an invention regardless of who may have thought of invention first.
   A week into blogging and have only started to put my head around blogs, blogging, the blogosphere, etc. Only now do I realize, or am thinking about, the word blogosphere. Stratosphere, atmosphere, troposphere - all etherial things that by nature you cannot touch, you cannot smell, you cannot see and yet you know that they exist. Or at least you know the effects of each exist. Much like the blogosphere. And much like another topic I will not dare to touch here. My personal blogosphere is expanding and my thoughts are sparks. Some are fanned into flames, some don't have the energy to ignite in a soggy, bloggy world.
   Blogospheric Pressure is the force per unit area exerted into a blogger by the weight of blogs above that surface in the atmosphere of Earth (yes, I made that up based on the definition of atmospheric pressure). Or, simply put, the pressure I feel to post fresh content or original thoughts within the confines I have set - "all things upfull and right, the goodness of life". Fanning sparks of thoughts into flames is the goodness I'm getting from blogging, bloggerizing, and blogiculating.... There, I've done it! As painful to use as it is, I have invented a new word, used it in a sentence and have documented it in the blogosphere.

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